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Werkzeugindustrie, Craft supplies

PVH specialist dealers, association and members

Assessment of the market situation and development of strategic approaches for one or more new business models.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value-Driven development
  • Design Thinking

As part of the corporate strategy CHALLENGE 2020, which was already adopted in 2013, the Wuppertal-based E/D/E group set itself clear strategic goals for the following decade. The strategy, which included numerous core projects and substantial investments, aimed to achieve a high level of operational excellence, competitiveness and sustainability. A major focus was on expanding a strategically stable and competitive market position.

As part of these requirements, we were invited to work as part of a team to push ahead with the consistent expansion of the E-Commerce division as a whole. In this context, we were encouraged to develop a business model for a functioning and competitive central marketplace that makes multichannel concepts possible. The aim was to maintain competitiveness vis-à-vis supra-regional providers, mail order and Internet retailers, and also to deploy new technologies. The multi-year project follows the core of the given strategy and resulted in a successful platform implementation.

"I greatly appreciated having you on board as extraordinary experts in the further development of our business models and processes. Your input and expertise have helped us to drive forward strategically important core projects for E/D/E. Thank you."

Joachim Hiemeyer

Managing Director Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH Joachim Hiemeyer


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